Ofgem Auditing Update – 1st December 2018

Ofgem’s internal process for reviewing RHI-EC certificates has been reviewed and amended so they can be confident that the fuel being combusted correlates with what the boiler has been tested against. The fuel should be classified specifically to ensure applicants are aware of which fuel types they can burn in order to meet their ongoing obligations. Further information on the amendments can be found by following the link here

Tariff Update – 1st January 2018

HETAS are pleased to announce that from the 1st January 2018, tariff payments for the RHI are set to increase for biomass technologies. For the domestic scheme, payments increase from 4.28p per kWh to 6.54p per kWh for the first three months of 2018. More information can be found on the Ofgem website here

BEIS RHI Calculator Released – 21st September 2017

BEIS have published their RHI Calculator tool. Find out how much money you could get through the Renewable Heat Incentive if you install renewable heat technology such as a biomass boiler or in your home by following the link here

Tariff Update – 1st January 2017

BEIS (formerly DECC) have today issued information relating to the changes to payment tariffs for both the Domestic & Non Domestic RHI schemes. There has been a slight degression effecting small scale biomass appliances, for the domestic RHI a reduction from 4.66p per kWh to 4.21p for the first quarter of the year. The Non-Domestic RHI has had similar degression for new applications, for tier 1 small scale biomass below 200kWth, reduced from 3.24p per kWh to 3.09p per kWh. More information can be access here for the domestic RHI & here for the non-domestic RHI tariff degression quotas.

Tariff Update – 31st May 2016

DECC announced on 31 May 2016 that the degression trigger for biomass has been passed. This means that the biomass tariff of 5.20p per kilowatt hour has now reduced by 10% to 4.68p per kilowatt hour for all new applications made. If you joined the scheme before 1 July 2016 you’re not affected and your tariff rate stays the same.

Tariff Update – 29th May 2015

DECC have announced that a further degression has been passed for biomass technologies. This means that the current biomass tariff of 8.93p per kilowatt hour will be reduced by 20% to 7.14p per kilowatt hour for all new applications made from 1 July 2015. More information can be found here.

Some Cooker appliances now eligible for RHI payments – 9th February 2015

Some cooker stoves are now eligible for the Domestic RHI. The RHI defines ‘cooker stoves’ as pellet biomass stoves with a back boiler that are predominantly designed for space and hot water heating but can also be used for cooking. If you have a cooker stove that was installed before the amending regulations come into force, including installations before the 9th April 2014, you will have until 31st July 2015 or 12 months after the date your heating system was fully installed and tested (whichever is later), to apply for the RHI. To check if your product is eligible for the RHI, check the Ofgem Product Eligibility List.

Changes to Eligibility for the Domestic RHI Announced – 13th November 2014

Cooker stoves will become eligible as long as the product and installation meet all the other scheme requirements. By cooker stoves, DECC means biomass stoves with a back boiler that are predominantly designed for space and hot water cooking. Where the heat generated for cooking is incidental to, and cannot be controlled separately from, heat generated for heating and hot water. This does not include traditional range cookers which are designed for cooking. People who have a cooker stove that was installed prior to the new regulations (but after 15 July 2009) will have until 31 July 2015 (or 12 months after installation) to apply for the RHI.

More information on current elibility requirements can be found by clicking here